On the shores of Lake Michigan, you will find a 100+ year old gem in the world of golf.  Golfers will find views of the lake and harbor from many vantage points, however, holes 3, 4, 12, 13, 14 and 15 are located on the bluff directly overlooking lake Michigan.  The holes feature a distinctive Links character.  As with most links courses, the breeze felt off Lake Michigan, can become variable and will be a challenge to any skill level golfer.  At a total length of 5,614 yards, don’t be fooled by the short length by today’s golf standards, as many well appointed water hazards, bunkers and undulation in the terrain will require a keen eye for course management and quality iron play.

Ratings (Course/Slope)
Back Tees: 68.1/ 130
Forward Tees: 69.3 / 126
Front Tees: 64.5 / 115

Manistee Golf & Country Club
500 Cherry Road
Manistee, MI 49660
Tee Times: (231) 723-2509

Overview of each hole at the Manistee Golf and Country Club


Front 9 Summary

Par 34 (Back) – 2,707 yards
Par 35 (Forward) – 2,558 yards

Green on #3
Tee on #4

#3 for its beautiful approach on Lake Michigan and #9 for its short challenge as a “wedge par 3”

The Manistee Golf and Country Club’s front nine is a challenge at only 2,700 yards from the back tees.  The fairway cut, small greens, placement of bunkers and water hazards and roadside holes make this a front nine that you can go low on if your course management keeps you in check from going big off the tee on any one hole. Even though you can get back in the fairway from any botched tee shot, the scattered placement of trees throughout, make it a challenge to get back without dropping a stroke or two.




hole1Hole #1

Par 4 (back) / 5 (forward)

Back Tees: 410 Yards / 2
Forward Tees: 407 Yards / 1

The opening hole is a straight away par 4 with varied terrain.  The length makes this a challenge to forward tee golfers as there isn’t a large yardage advantage.  Upon approach to the green, you will have two green side bunkers that are not that deep, but the back to front sloping green can make it a challenge to get up and down.


Hole #2

Par 4

Back Tees: 357 Yards / 8
Forward Tees: 352 Yards / 3

The second hole is a slight dogleg left, however, not noticeable enough to alter your line off the tee.  The hole is fairly flat with a downhill approach the last 70 yards to the green where the only major challenge is the grassy mounds front left.



Hole #3

Par 4

Back Tees: 360 Yards / 4
Forward Tees: 292 Yards / 11

The third hole is a dogleg right from an elevated tee.  The views on the tee are breathtaking out to Lake Michigan.  The approach requires a precise short iron as a front green side bunker will catch any mishits.




Hole #4

Par 4

Back Tees: 311 Yards / 14
Forward Tees: 268 Yards / 15

The fourth is a straight away par 4 from a highly elevated green on the bluffs of Lake Michigan.  Long hitters may reach the fringe on the drive, however, the greatly narrowing fairway should play for a 200 yard tee shot with wedge to the green.


Hole #5

Par 4

Back Tees: 353 Yards / 10
Forward Tees: 348 Yards / 9

The fifth is a slight dogleg left, with a water hazard in the primary landing area on the right for shorter hitters.  Longer hitters will not have an issue with water, but a narrowing fairway could make your approach coming from a heavy rough to a green protected by two green side bunkers left and right.


Hole #6

Par 3

Back Tees: 184 Yards / 6
Forward Tees: 179 Yards / 7

The sixth is the first of 3 par three’s on the front nine, and is the longest.  From the back tees, at nearly 190 yards, it will require a long iron for most hitters, and a mishit will collect in the forward bunker with a difficult out over a high lip to the green.  A long tee shot, or one off to the right will collect into a low area near the forward bunker or behind the green with a tough elevated approach to get up and down for par. The best place to miss if you cannot get there in one would be left, or just short of the green.  (note, the forward tees have multiple boxes, and yardage may vary)


Hole #7

Par 4

Back Tees: 320 Yards / 16
Forward Tees: 313 Yards / 5

The seventh is the first of three along Cherry Street which can get in the minds of even the most experienced golfers.  This is the longest of the holes, and a well positioned long iron center-left will leave yourself with a clear approach to a three-bunker protected green.


Hole #8

Par 4

Back Tees: 296 Yards / 12
Forward Tees: 290 Yards / 13

Keep the drivers in the bag on the 8th, you won’t be able to get there in one even though it is under 300 yards.  The green is elevated on a difficult plateau with a very steep grade from back to front.  The 15 yard wide and 35+ yard long green makes this one of the most difficult greens on the course despite its short distance.  Take a long iron off the tee and leave yourself with a wedge.  Don’t miss this long or left as you will have a blind shot up to the green where bogey is now your best case scenario.


Hole #9

Par 3

Back Tees: 116 Yards / 18
Forward Tees: 109 Yards / 17

The home hole on the front nine is the easiest on the course.  A short par three from an elevated tee makes this a wedge for most golfers.  The green slopes back to front making for a great back stop that you can work your shot within 10 feet for a probable birdie.



Back 9 Summary

Par 36 (Back) – 2,907 yards
Par 36 (Forward) – 2,536 yards

Par 70 (Back) – 5,614 yards
Par 71 (Forward) – 5,094 yards

Green on #12
Tee on #13
Green on #14
Tee on #15

#14 is the signature hole for its beautiful approach on Lake Michigan. 

The Manistee Golf and Country Club’s back nine is a great challenge after the front nine at 2,907 yards from the back tees.  Four beautiful Lake Michigan holes along with strategic water hazards and bunkers make this nine a perfect challenge after the front nine.  The string of holes from 12-15 are the signature cluster of holes on the course… the “Amen Corner” of the Manistee Golf and Country Club.  #13 tests strategic tee positioning and the challenging par 3 – 14 following makes this one of the most rewarding sections of the golf course, or one of the most devastating. 




Hole #10

Par 5

Back Tees: 527 Yards / 1
Forward Tees: 410 Yards / 2

The opening hole of the back nine is the longest on the course measuring at 527 yards from the back tees.  The fairway is undulating and shot placement is critical to ensure you don’t have an awkward second shot and approach to the green.  If that isn’t tough enough, three green side bunkers guard a small green.  It is no wonder why this is the #1 handicap on the course.


Hole #11

Par 3

Back Tees: 156 Yards / 17
Forward Tees: 146 Yards / 18

The hardest hole is followed by one of the easiest on the course, but don’t let that fool you, the two green side bunkers can still make this a tough hole if you find one of these.  If you miss, miss long, or to the left as a relatively easy approach will still give you the opportunity to save par.


Hole #12

Par 5 (back) / 4 (forward)

Back Tees: 463 Yards / 3
Forward Tees: 350 Yards / 6

The second par 5 on the back (for back tees) is a challenge despite its short distance.  Many will try and reach it in 2, but with a playable hazard running along much of the left and right side of the fairway (inside 150 yards) makes this a hole that can quickly turn to a bogey hole if you loose your ball in any one of these hazards.


Hole #13

Par 4

Back Tees: 319 Yards / 11
Forward Tees: 268 Yards / 10

The par 4 thirteenth is another hole where course management is critical to make a good score. a middle/long iron off the tee followed up by a 9 iron-wedge can make this an easy birdie hole, however, if the daring driver wants to cut off the heavy dogleg left, the green can be reached, but with water along much of the left side of the fairway and water through bogey can be the best case scenario if you find one of these hazards.



Signature Hole #14

Par 3

Back Tees: 157 Yards / 7
Forward Tees: 150 Yards / 12

The final par 3 on the course is a beautiful shot out to Lake Michigan.  With a large green, this can be a birdie hole, especially if the pin position is center-front.  However, a back left, or center right position can be trouble for aggressive golfers as three green side bunkers will snatch up a pushed or pulled tee shot.  Missing far left, is OB and a 150′ ravine will keep your ball for quite some time.




Hole #15

Par 4

Back Tees: 306 Yards / 13
Forward Tees: 255 Yards / 16

Fifteen is the final hole of a stretch that can make or break your round.  This short par 4 is a dogleg right around a heavy grouping of trees.  The best play is to keep a long iron left off the tee and you will set up an ideal approach with a short iron/wedge.  The only real issue at the green is a front green side bunker.


Hole #16

Par 4

Back Tees: 285 Yards / 15
Forward Tees: 280 Yards / 14

Sixteen is a picturesque hole that has the high dunes along much of the left side of the fairway.  On a windy day, this will be one of the few holes where you will get a break from the breeze off the water.  Don’t let the short distance fool you, put the driver away, as the long narrow, elevated green is almost impossible to drive with accuracy, and a short short and right is going to be tough to make par.  Take a long iron, and wedge into this green for the best shot at birdie.


Hole #17

Par 4

Back Tees: 304 Yards / 9
Forward Tees: 257 Yards / 3

The seventeenth is a tough hole as the primary landing area for many with a driver is the pond center left of the fairway.  This split fairway requires a decision off the tee to go for it and carry the point which is at around 225, or to layup and take a mid/short iron into the elevated green that is guarded by two front green side bunkers.  Golfers are rewarded once you reach the green as it is fairly flat and a long putt has a good possibility to drop.


Hole #18

Par 4

Back Tees: 380 Yards / 5
Forward Tees: 377 Yards / 8

The home hole at the Manistee Golf and Country Club offers a reward for long hitters as there is a large ridge and hill that can give you an extra 20-30 yards of carry if you can reach it center-right in the fairway.  This dogleg right, will take you back to the historic clubhouse with an elongated green with green side bunkers both left and right.


Course Information:

USGA Rules Govern All PlayInside edge of all fence posts mark out-of-bounds on #7, 8 & 9. White stakes on #4, 13 14, 15 & 16.

Red stakes indicate lateral water hazard on #3, 4, 12, 13 & 14.

All yardages are measured to the center of green.

Call for a Tee Time Now : (231) 723-2509